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The Importance of Loyalty by Girolamo Messeri

Girolamo Messeri is the Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at a Premier Stadium Club. I have always heard the word “loyalty” since my first steps in hospitality. In our industry, especially Food and Beverage, Loyalty is hard to come by. Our industry has an astonishing turnover rate of almost 75% according to the National restaurant Association . This is by far the biggest number of any industry. Many restaurateurs and hoteliers put the blame of this on the “line employee” that does not believe in loyalty and only follows money. With my years of experience, I started to understand that this was not the case at all. An important part of hospitality is in its leaders and how they place their team members. The most loyal employees worked for great companies and great leaders, that placed them first in the importance to have a successful company. One of these companies, has a small chain of super high-end hotels across the country. They had multiple initiatives to reward their em

Girolamo Messeri 's Tips & Trick for Restaurant Business

Do you run a business regarding Restaurant and want to increase customers as well deal them with efficiency?   I, Girolamo Francesco Messeri have been in this business for a long time and I have gained experience on various topics related to this industry. We will discuss some of these tips here.   To gain more customers, you must hire a good and experienced chef and team. The reason behind this is quite simple. First, they will provide your customers with unique recipes from all cuisines which will satiate their taste buds and secondly, they deliver the dishes to the client in a limited period, which will make the customer believe that your restaurant respects the customer time Always keep enough reserve to fulfill and support your restaurant for 6 months. In this Corona Pandemic age, you could easily guess how badly the hospitality industry suffers, and parallel many restaurants goes close. Therefore keeping sound reserve money for future problems is a good approach. Social networki